Personal Finance Services

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Service We Offers

                                                             * We offer payment plan to fit your budget* 


$0 Initial consultation: 15-minute introductory call.


$150 First Meeting: During our first meeting, we will assess your current financial situation and discuss your long-term financial goals to determine if financial coaching is right for you. (Pre-Questionnaire is due before session.)


$300 (Individual) $375.00  (couples) 4 Session Coaching Package


$600(Individual) $675.00 (couples) 7 Month Coaching Package

$1000 (Individual) $1075.00 (couples) 13 Month Coaching Package  

Add-On Services

$35 Monthly budgeting Service: You send us your bills and let us know of any additional purchases. Then we'll do all the number crunching for you. After the zero-based budget is complete, we'll email it to you so that any additional decisions can be made and then the budget will be finalized. From there, you'll have a written plan for your money before the month begins. This will enable you to trim off any frivolous spending habits as well as get you closer to your long-term goals.


 $15 (individual) & $25 (Couple) Monthly Credit Management &Credit Counseling Services. 


Sessions Include: 

  • Initial Conference- Video Conference  - $150- this where identify the problem- due a budget analysis 

  • Video Conference- zoom meeting for 45 min - & Accountability Coach. 

  • Strategies to keep you on task 

  • Set up new budgets Spending Plan& Budget 

  • Debt Elimination Analysis