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                                                             * Individual Tax Preparation Services * 

Please note that for the 2021 tax filing season, the minimum cost of tax return preparation for Form 1040 starts at $200 and up. For the 2021 tax year and going forward, we are going fully remote & office by appointment which means we are  in‐person meetings in the office by office only. For new clients, there will be no charge for a brief 10‐15 minute initial virtual or telephone consultation to go over our process and pricing. For new and existing clients, we are now offering virtual or telephone consultations for a pre‐determined flat fee where we can answer specific tax or accounting questions or suggest tax planning and tax savings strategies.

It  is important to understand that every tax return is different. The forms necessary to complete your tax return may vary from year to year as your situation changes, so $200 is starting fee. You will get a price quote before Tax Preparer start your taxes. 


                                                             * We offer payment plan to fit your budget* 


$0 Initial consultation: 15-minute introductory call.


$150 First Meeting: During our first meeting, we will assess your current financial situation and discuss your long-term financial goals to determine if financial coaching is right for you. (Pre-Questionnaire is due before session.)


$300 (Individual) $375.00  (couples) 4 Session Coaching Package


$600(Individual) $675.00 (couples) 7 Month Coaching Package

$1000 (Individual) $1075.00 (couples) 13 Month Coaching Package  

Add-On Services

$35 Monthly budgeting Service: You send us your bills and let us know of any additional purchases. Then we'll do all the number crunching for you. After the zero-based budget is complete, we'll email it to you so that any additional decisions can be made and then the budget will be finalized. From there, you'll have a written plan for your money before the month begins. This will enable you to trim off any frivolous spending habits as well as get you closer to your long-term goals.


 $15 (individual) & $25 (Couple) Monthly Credit Management &Credit Counseling Services. 


Sessions Include: 

  • Initial Conference- Video Conference  - $150- this where identify the problem- due a budget analysis 

  • Video Conference- zoom meeting for 45 min - & Accountability Coach. 

  • Strategies to keep you on task 

  • Set up new budgets Spending Plan& Budget 

  • Debt Elimination Analysis 

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