Business Accounting Solutions "Small Business Division"

The Burrellz Enterprise LLC is a virtual accounting outsourcing and Tax consulting firm that partner with companies to assist in their day to day accounting needs and accounting projects.


Our mission is to provide our client with superior services and assist with implementing practical procedures and accounting guidelines for our clients.


Personal Financial Division "The Family Legacy Division"

Our goal at The Burrellz Enterprise LLC., is not only to help small business strive but also our community. We offer our services by helping families and their communities meet and achieve financial freedom through our  “Legacy Division”  a community program that educates families on how to leave a legacy through our financial literacy course.


Our Mission is to empower and educate individuals and families to make a beneficial financial decision that will positively impact and result in achieving financial success.

Our vision is to be a trusted adviser for the community by promoting financial freedom and providing financial counseling, education workshops and comprehensive financial solution for each stages of life.


Shameka Burrell, CFPC, is not only the CEO, she is a dedicated and experience adviser. She is certified as a certified financial planning coach. Shameka graduated from DeVry University with a degree in Accounting and have over 10 years of experience as an CFO in accounting, payroll and working with business taxes for small businesses, corporations and nonprofit companies. Who passion is to help families achieve financial freedom as an entrepreneur and as a leader of their home.

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