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Businesses & Nonprofits


Assisting you with organizing your financial records so that you build a sustainable brand without feeling overwhelmed.

It is hard enough to manage a profitable business. Let us take the stress away by giving you back your time as we support and manage your finances. With our done-for-you services, you no longer have to worry about:

We help you stay ready so that you do not have to great ready. Let's level up your brand together!

Missed Deadlines

Submitting the Wrong Forms

Lost Opportunities to Secure Funding

Wasted Funds

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We Take You From Here

  • Frustrated from managing your day-to-day financial operations.

  • Overwhelmed with filling the correct forms for financial compliance.

  • Stressed about wasting money on unnecessary expenses.

To Here

  • Relieved from not having to manage your financial cash flow and operations.

  • Prepared for IRS documentation and business compliance audits.

  • Confident in knowing where your money is going and it is not wasted.

Your Client Experience


Startup Financial Coaching

  • Four 45 - Minute Strategy Calls 

  • Credit Analysis 

  • Debt Management

  • Accountability

  • Email Support


Virtual CFO

  • Daily financial management 

    • Budget

    • Forecasting

    • Payroll

  • Liaison between bank and company.

  • Revenue tracking


Tax Management

  • Individual tax service for self-employed

  • Business tax preparation

  • Tax Strategy Plans

    • Entity Set Up

    • Filing Management

Here's what you can expect during our time together...
  1. We'll start off by assessing your financial needs.

  2. Next, we'll set goals and schedule a strategy session to create an action plan.

  3. In the next stage, we'll design a workflow to eliminate time and money wasters.

  4. Finally, we'll create and implement new policies and procedures.

Ready to get started? Schedule your session below.

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