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Struggling to start, manage and scale your transportation & logistic company? Let us help!

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  • Do you want to know how to start a transportation company with our without a truck?

  • Do you desire to own your own truck or logistic business?

  • Do you want to know how to become a successful dispatcher & how to find drivers?​

  • Are you currently in transportation or logistics and need assistances in setting up you day to day operations, accounting and payroll department?

  • Do you know how to structure, scale and streamline you business to run successfully?

We're here to help individuals, owner operators, transportation & logistic companies not only start but run a successfully transportation company through our "Trucking & Taxes" program. 

The Burrellz Enterprises LLC.,  will  provide our clients with superior services and assisting with implementing, set up or structure your transportation company. 

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Let us show you how start and structure your logistic and transportation company! 

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Are you a owner operator and need help negotiating and booking loads or need help with administrative services?
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Need Tax Preparation Services as a  Owner Operators, Small Transportation Companies , 1099 Drivers & W2 CDL Drivers?